Studio Director/CEO

Full Background

Headshot anime profile picture of studio director, Wolf

Tristan "Wolf" Barber joined Watercress in 2014, a month after the studio's founding, quickly becoming both a Lead Writer and the Studio Director. As CEO, he was responsible for the studio's incorporation in 2017, and he continues to manage the studio as he has for the majority of its existence, personally directing over half of the studio's released projects. As a leader, he puts individual/studio improvement, accessibility, and ethics above all else - even if it results in a sacrifice of quality or a delayed game. As a writer, he constantly strives to better himself, working towards a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. Outside of his studio work, he gives industry talks, hosts panels, and consults at other game development studios, like Watercress' sister studio Somnova Studios. As the sole Watercress member to have contributed to all of Watercress' major projects, he offers unique stability that many freeware studios cannot afford.