Watercress Developer Blog #5 - Chiorydax and the Spirit of Writing

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another installment of the Watercress Studios Developer Blog.  This week, our speaker will be Chy--... Chee?... Cheour.... um, how are you supposed to pronounce /u/Chiorydax anyway?  Whatever. Just call me Jared. Everyone on the team does.

Anyway, I'm not experienced in blogging... at all. Where to start?

There's a ton I could say about Watercress Studios and all that's happened since the very beginning.  /u/Anthrozil7 actually had me on the phone the very first day things started moving toward the creation of this visual novel. He had spent the day working with the guys on /r/katawashoujo in promoting and organizing this idea. He called me after it had gained a lot of traction and I immediately joined the hype train.

Being a lead writer is a great experience, and I'm extremely grateful that I was chosen for this position. I've had the opportunity to create my own character, Acacia Reinhold (with help, of course), and flesh her out, knowing that this is all going to become a full-fledged story that I'll be able to share with all future readers and carefully craft alongside the sound and art teams. Being in this position does also have the perk of pseudo-authority over those aforementioned teams-- anyone who creates Acacia-related content comes to me for my approval.

On a more serious note, it really is great to see the work that these extremely talented people are able to produce on such a regular basis. I feel honored when I hear someone say Acacia is their favorite character, and it only motivates me to do my best in return.

I've also been engaged with the other lead writers with their characters, giving ideas and hearing their concepts. While I'd love to brag and say Acacia is hands-down "best girl," I can sportingly admit that she has some stiff competition.

I suppose I should give a little insider-peak or something more substantial than my own reminiscing? Okay. From the very beginning of putting ideas together for this visual novel, /u/Anthrozil7 and I (we know each other in real life, and we've written together, so we tag-team well) decided that we wanted to make a route that was tough, while still being fair. We wanted choices that were meaningful but far from clear-cut. We wanted to weave a story that really utilized the choices made by the player, but going beyond the black-and-white branches of the route. We wanted to make the player really work to see Acacia's good ending, and maybe even learn something from the experience.

I guess I've always had an affinity for realistic, meaningful, deep, and complicated writing. I have a tendency to weave complex stories in my head, from things I label as "this will be a novel someday" to the characters I make in Guild Wars 2. I like to tell stories, to intrigue people, and to reach their emotions in a subtle but powerful way-- and I really hope I can do that here.

Ultimately, writing-- to me, at least-- is really just a way of bringing things together.  This visual novel will go beyond that, breathing life into our writing with music and art, and that is just thrilling to me. I really can't wait to see this all come together, and I'll certainly remember to enjoy the journey that takes us there.

I already can't wait for release day, and to be able to share all of this with our fans.


Also, to those of you who are innately curious, it's chee-OH-ree-dax. Chiorydax.