Watercress Developer Blog #4 - Kierious' Musical Ramblings

Hello dear fans of Avitus, I am the Sound Coordinator for the project, and my name is /u/Kierious (At least when it comes to Reddit, but I doubt any of you want to know my real name). You
could call me Kier, Kierious, or That Sound Coordinator Guy, whichever takes your fancy.
For this Dev Blog, I will be introducing the various ivory ticklers that make up the Sound Team, as well as going over what we're doing.

I'll start off by stating the bleedingly obvious: I make sounds. Actually, scratch that: WE make sounds. Whether it's that heartbreaking little ditty that pulls salty water out of your eyes, or that weird creaky noise that sounds like a door being opened, we design/write it, we find a use for it, and we help the coders implement it, as Mr. Toady explained last week.

Now, due to the nature of musical creation (or, due to the fact that musicians/composers have to be inspired to write), we work a little differently than, say, the Coding Team. Since melodies can be interpreted in such a wide range, one melody could sound like a summery day with iced tea to one person, whereas another could see it as a cruise through the tundra, and this means that I have to make sure none of the pieces vary too wildly in pace, genre, or timbre (Unless the story calls for it, of course).

I also have to ensure that the quality of the songs are up to par, from the instrumentation of the songs to the codec that was used to render them. That means, if one of the Sound Team members sends me a unintentionally atonal piece encoded in 32kbps mp3, I will tell that member that they need to buck up their ideas, and I will show them how to buck up their ideas if they don't know how.

Now, on to the Sound Team members.

First, we have the music nerds: /u/CidiousSaxon, a Brit who, if given the chance, would drink tea made out of musical notes, /u/RobertDewitt, a transplanted American in Austria who would probably wine and dine a piano if it had blonde hair, /u/CTFred, who I'm pretty sure  has wined and dined a piano before. In short, they're all extremely capable musicians in their respective fields.

Also, we have "Trainees", people who don't really know about music, but want to learn all the same. These people are /u/SpeedyBelle, who I'm pretty sure would use his DAW to make DOOM music (don't worry, Speedy, we still love ya.) and /u/TheForeverLoneWolf, who is probably the most prolific member of Watercress. Lastly, we have /u/RazzMaDazzle, who I believe would be a great sound designer.

And that's all I have for you. I will leave it to the PR Team to throw the obligatory links in because I have a great song idea and if I stay too long, I'll lose it forever. Peace Out!