Dev Blog #20: Break's over!

Well, shit. Our forums have been down for a month, and I used that as an excuse not to get a dev blog out. Here's to yet another late one! It's the thought that counts, I swear!

Over the month of June, we took some time off. I flew out to Utah and then to Texas, which threw a wrench into our plans. Personally, it was worth it! I got to see some of my extended family that I hadn't seen in quite a few years, and after that I went to RTX in Austin. I roomed with Nathan, our Marketing Director, and we both had a blast at the expo. For real, RoosterTeeth is a big inspiration for us. However, due to the break we took...

We might have to delay our Citrus related project a bit, but it'll still release Q4 this year. Sorry about that! As a little thank you gift for being patient, I'll include some more concept art down below (some colored ones this time!). Other than that, not much happened in June.

Concept for Lime:


Concept for Lemon:


Concept for Ruby:


The big news happened in July: We're full on ramping our production up, with some internal reorganization as well. We have a new Writing Director (a position we haven't had for over a year), Tutty! He CoDirected Palinurus, and wrote much of Pali and Our Home., alongside his work on Seeds of Sylvia. This is his second time being in this position, and it'll be a good boon for both morale and motivation.

We've also brought back dedicated Studio Lead Writers in full, with myself and Nathan retaining our old Lead Writer positions. The position is not dissimilar to the Lead position in Citrus, but it's permanent and will be for all of our future projects (with Avitus being the most important one). We'll have two more joining us soon, to round out our team to four leads. Each lead will have an Avitus character they are in charge of, and they also will have assistants that will help them with on Avitus and other future projects. Announcements for Avitus will come soon, but full production for Avitus will resume Q1 2018. We've also doubled down on our Marketing with the return of dev blogs, our Patreon which will be up next month, and a revamp of our Tumblr and other social media. Look for more updates later on this year.

We've been recruiting a lot lately, and we have quite a few new members. However, we're still a bit short staffed compared to what we want, so if anyone wants to apply (or can send someone our way), be sure to email us! ([email protected]). As always, you are more than welcome to visit our Discord as well! Sorry for the lackluster dev blog, I'll be sure to make the next one much more exciting! Until next time guys smile

Oh, and before I go! Here's some new sprites for Our Home.!

Em's Mother:




"Constantly bullied at school, beaten in the streets, and ridiculed at home, Sanne's life was a recipe for disaster. A recipe that could turn her into a maple syrup loving drug dealer sent off to sex up some waifus, if she wasn't careful." ~Wolf, on Sanne's childhood