Watercress Developer Blog #1 - Electromancer

Hi, everyone! Hope you're all feeling well. If so, then I'm Electromancer- one of the lead writers working on Watercress Studios's first major project, Avitus. Avitus, our visual novel, is going to be a fantastic fruit of our collective womb, but I'm sure you already know enough about it if you're reading this, and I also think that imagery is a little gross (not gonna lie), so we'll move on.

Specifically, I am writing the route of Amelia Hawthorne, the beloved actress from New York studying at Avitus University. I'm very happy to be writing her character, and also very happy that the rest of Watercress has welcomed her into this project. 'Cause I think she's pretty cool. Just my opinion, is all. (Here's art of her rocking some reindeer ears, because happy holidays.)


But- no- I'm not here to talk about that either. As the very first of the Watercress Studios developer bloggers, I'll kindly talk to you about butts what I do in the Studio.

As aforementioned, I write. Writers don't have so much to show off, though. Unlike the musicians or the artists, we don't really have cool work-in-progress things to screenshot or technical processes to explain. Because our art is that of putting one character of the Latin alphabet after another, and doing that over and over again until we've created a dream-world in our mind to hold tight and show off to others, like some sort of fantastic jewel or a crying newborn child.

So maybe it's a bit cooler than I give it credit for being, but I digress. Mainly what you ought to be interested in are the particulars of writing for a visual novel, as opposed to writing screenplays or writing prose. The thing is, it's not so much that the VN medium is so different from writing anything else. It's that VN writing is just this sort of perfect yet facetious mixture of screenwriting and prose. A visual novel is part visual, so you need to keep lines short and sweet and let the imagery do the exposition. But it's also part novel, so you need to have well-written lines which captivate readers and tell majestic stories.

That's pretty much the extent of the advice I can give you. So far as writing for VNs goes. Perhaps the other devs will have some better advice for you, but I hope you don't mind yours truly keeping it on the simple side for this first Watercress developer blog.


It's all about striking that perfect medium between the 'visual' and 'novel' aspects, and that is why this medium is so incredibly unique. It's a captivating, unexplored frontier of art, the visual novel is. But what we're here to do is crack the code and turn it into something pretty.

And if all goes well, that is what Avitus will be. Something pretty.

So wish us luck, everyone, and we'll see how things turn out.