Dev Blog #13: For The Love of This

I'm not the most talented writer, or the most enthusiastic, or motivated, for that matter. I wrote on and off for a few years. It was never anything serious. I wrote a few fanfictions here, and a few one-shots there. Writing was never something I was really passionate about. So, I know you're all wondering, "Then why are you a lead writer?" That's not an easy question to answer. I guess I'll start from the beginning.
It hadn't been more than a month or two after my first semester at college began. I was doing something on my laptop, sketching, coding, something or another. I looked down at my phone to see a message from one of my best friends, you all know him as OptionalSauce. We talked about a game he had recommended, Katawa Shoujo, before popping the question: "You know that project I was working on? Do you want to be on the art team?"

I know what you're thinking, "Art team? But I thought she said she was writing?!" Shh, just listen.
I pondered over his request for a few minutes. I mean, sure why not? It wasn't like I was in a club, or had a job. So why not go for it?

That's how I became a part of Watercress. But the story isn't over yet. I did sketches. I even relearned how to use my tablet. But something just wasn't right. I didn't have the drive to continuously better my skills. I never made deadlines, and I rarely made it to meetings. I knew I would only hold the team back. Even though I would miss being part of the team, I told the Art Director (Coordinator? Whatever), how I felt and gave him my resignation. Not a day after, Jared, the lead writer for Acacia, asked me to be an assistant writer.

I have a bit more drive when it comes to writing, because I'm a little better at it than I am at art. Plus, I really felt as though I understood Acacia as a character. We had so much in common, and Jared and I got along really well. I wasn't quite ready to let go of Watercress just yet. So I became part of the writing team. I made it to all the meeting (so many meetings ;-;),and gave a heads up if I couldn't make it. It was fun. The Acacia team eventually acquired a new assistant, flutterfright, and we got along really well. Then things started going downhill.

Some things happened in the studio. I wasn't happy, and the fun had long since departed. Watercress had become a burden. I considered long and hard about resigning. This wasn't the studio I joined. There were constant arguments. I ended up being Co-Lead for Acacia. Things didn't get better. Now, I'm the sole lead.

While I'm not happy about the way some things turned out, that's life. Watercress grew from that experience. We became closer, more organized. We still have our issues, every organization does. But we're working through them.

When I first joined Watercress, I expected to go about things the way I normally do. In the background, supporting, only speaking when necessary. I wasn't expecting to meet such amazing, talented, supportive people. I wasn't expecting to spend my Friday nights on Teamspeak until early Saturday morning. I wasn't expecting to miss people who left. I wasn't expecting to find my place. I wasn't expecting to love this team.

So while I'm far from being the most talented, or eloquent, writer, and I can't be the most enthusiastic, and I am far outranked when it comes to motivation, I am proud to be a lead writer for Watercress. I can't imagine having found a greater group of people.