Dev Blog #21: The Bigliest Update

I give up on trying to have a set schedule for these. I'll be trying to get them out regularly, but honestly, dev blogs are lower on the work totem pole compared to, say, Watercress dev work smile so I'm sorry for the inconsistent posting! I've got some pretty neat stuff to show today, however, so I hope that makes up for it!

Firstly, I'd like to announce that I'll be doing some short story writing in the Avitus universe. Each of the next four dev blogs will have a unique story showcasing a route character through the eyes of one of Avitus' counsellors, Joel Novak. This counsellor from the land down under has a deep and rich backstory which will be touched on primarily in Sanne's route and out-of-game stories that I'll be working on whenever I get the chance.

The four stories will have to do with his selection process, how he found the four main heroines, and what he expects from them. It'll be a pretty neat introduction to Avitus right before 2018 - dubbed 'the year of Avitus' within our studio. In 2018, the gears on our warmachine will grind to a start, and we'll hammer out production of the flagship. It will be quite a year, and the entire might of Watercress' team will be focused and honed in on this colossal project.

Alrighty, let's get to the meat of the blog. Firstly, I'd like to show something new! Music. We're working on remastering both Seeds of Sylvia's and Fare Thee Well's music, so I'm going to show you FTW's two new tracks right now, with more to come next blog.

Here's a link: … -thee-well

I hope you like the tracks!

So, Our Home.. We're continuing our remaster of the sprites, so here are a few more examples!





Now, for Citrus. We've come up with an official name for it! From here on out, we will be referring to it as 'One Step Forward'. With that, we have a lot of good art to share that we haven't shared in the last two months. I hope you like em!








Lastly, we've recently partnered with some other EVN devs to launch a new subreddit for all EVNs! It's titled aptly, r/EVN. Here's the mascot we made for it!



Awesome stuff. Big thanks to all of our members, they've been super amazing so far. We've also revamped the FTW UI, which is actually live right now! We're doing the same for the rest of our games, and our remasters are going well. FTW is getting fully voiced, and should be out by the end of this year.

Thanks again everyone! See you next time smile

~Wolf, Studio Director

"Constantly bullied at school, beaten in the streets, and ridiculed at home, Sanne's life was a recipe for disaster. A recipe that could turn her into a maple syrup loving drug dealer sent off to sex up some waifus, if she wasn't careful." ~Wolf, on Sanne's childhood