Dev Blog #19: Time Well Spent


This is our devblog for May, as the last one was meant for April (whoops). This time around, I'm not going to leave a wall of text putting off 'real' content updates. We've got some nifty concept to show for our next game (which we don't have a name for yet... doublewhoops). The concept is kinda weird to be honest, but it's a fun one! Basically, a yuri game revolving around girls who have names and visual themes based on citrus fruit.


But! But, it's going to be super fucking fun! A very happy game with a story that will remain true to Watercress' past titles (read: decent), I really REALLY can't wait to show you guys more of it. Right now, only one artist and a handful of writers are working on it due to the fact that our other teams are working on other projects (Fare Thee Well, Seeds of Sylvia, Our Home., etc). I'll share here a few concept pieces though!

(Love Interest) Ruby, the baker:


(Love Interest, Lemon's Sister) Lime, the rockstar:


Love Interest, Lime's Sister) Lemon, the actor:


(Main Character) Clementine, the athlete:


We have Lead Writers for each character! Ruby will be written by DemonicBagel (from PotatoCow Studios, a studio Watercress works with), Lime by Zodai (concept/writer for Our Home.), and Lemon by Wolf (Me, Studio Director/three year WC writer). Each team will most likely have an assistant writer, but we're still in the beginning stages on the game while we wait for the other teams to catch up.

Beyond that, we're editing Our Home., and a few of our updated sprites are already ready to be implemented. Here's a sneak peak at Maria, the little sister! Don't worry, the original art will still be available in the game, and you'll (hopefully) be able to switch between both sets at will during gameplay. If we can't quite accomplish that without breaking the game, we'll at least have the other sprites all available in the gallery, and a legacy version will still be available.


We're currently fixing up a Lauren spriteset, so I'll see if I can share that when it's available to us smile

OKAY! So. Let me go ahead and wrap this up so you aren't reading as much as you did last time (sorry!). If anyone wants to join our team, please send us an email at [email protected], or join our Discord. Have an excellent day everyone! We love you all, and I hope we can stick around for a long, long while. If for nothing else, to give you all unique interactive experiences!

"Constantly bullied at school, beaten in the streets, and ridiculed at home, Sanne's life was a recipe for disaster. A recipe that could turn her into a maple syrup loving drug dealer sent off to sex up some waifus, if she wasn't careful." ~Wolf, on Sanne's childhood