Sanne Saint Pierre

Lead Character

Character Introduction Snippet

Purple headshot of Avitus lead character, Sanne St. Pierre

Approaching the store, she turns around and leans against the wall adjacent to the door.

Rory: "The cafe? Honestly I'm kind of surprised."

Sanne: "What, I don't look like a coffee type of girl to you?

Rory: "Nah, I'd peg you for an energy drink girl myself."

Sanne: "What, do you want to see me piss rocks? Peg me all ya want, but that shit's cancer as fuck, dude."

Rory: "Whatever gets your rocks off, right?"

Sanne: "Oh piss off. If I'm desperate, sure, fuck it. But goin' to a convenience store is an 'only in case of an emergency' type of deal, yeah?"

There we go. A pinch of innuendo here, a handful of wordplay there and I've finally established some sort of rapport with her.