Mǐn-Jian Hellström

Lead Character

Character Introduction Snippet

Green headshot of lead character, Mǐn-Jian Hellström

Akácie: "Well, that could have been a lot worse. Thanks for your help, Rory."

Rory: "No worries. I would have hated to see all this equipment get damaged if it was left out for too long. Maybe you can show me your setup once it's all in its place."

Mǐn-Jian: "Uhh, yeah. Sometime."

Rory: "Oh, that reminds me."

I had snagged some furniture sliders from the utility closet earlier. I pulled those out of my backpack and handed them to Min.

Rory: "These should help with organizing everything."

Min took a long look at the sliders in my hand, seemingly pondering something before nodding and taking them from my grasp.

Min: "I still have no idea why you even helped us but..."

Min: "Thanks."

In a flash the girl retreated to her room, the door closing right behind her without missing a beat.