Akácie Reinhold

Lead Character

Character Introduction Snippet

Blue headshot of lead character, Akácie Reinhold

Akacie was fiddling with her hands, as if they were sore. I noticed they had a few scars on them.

Rory: "Whoa, those aren't from today, are they?"

She noticed where I was looking.

Akácie: "Oh, no! No, not at all. Just a personal hobby of mine."

Rory: "Your hobby is slicing up your hands?"

Akácie grinned.

Akácie: "It does feel that way sometimes. But nah, I work with a lot of sharp objects. I can show you sometime after I'm all unpacked."

Rory: "Okay, sounds cool. I can leave you to it, then."

Akácie: "Yeah, and hey! If I don't see you again this week, let's catch up after orientation. Drinks on me."

Rory: "Ohh, you may regret that. I have an iron gut."

Akácie: "Everyone says that. We'll find out."